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Patent Samples

Utility Patents and Patent Applications

U.S. Patent US 8,358,903 B1

U.S. Patent US 8,597,553 B1

U.S. Patent US 2011/0282680 A1

U.S. Patent US D673345 S

U.S. Patent Application 2005/0121511 – Systems and Methods for Providing a Credit Card with Back-End Payment Filtering

U.S. Patent Application 2006/0106809 – Systems and Methods for Supporting Accurate Decision Making

U.S. Patent Application 2007/0246470 – Item Receiving Systems

U.S. Patent 6,502,718 – Garment Dispensing and Receiving Apparatus

U.S. Patent 6,701,299 – Real Time Delivery Feasibility Analysis Systems and Methods

U.S. Patent 6,857,441 – Fluid Metering Device

U.S. Patent 6,985,871 – Systems and Methods for Scheduling Re-occurring Deliveries and Pickups

U.S. Patent 7,428,447 – Inventory Management Systems

U.S. Patent 7,395,207 – Wind Turbine

U.S. Patent 7,380,860 – Windshield Fastening Device

U.S. Patent 7,350,250 – Head Positioning Device

U.S. Patent 7,320,412 – Dispensing Systems and Methods

U.S. Patent 7,134,242 – Automated Sliding User Doors and Door Mechanisms for Dispensers

Design Patents

U.S. Patent D499,184 – Splint For Use with A Wrist Brace

U.S. Patent D539,653 – Container

U.S. Patent D559,686 – Container

U.S. Patent D565,957 – Container